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Founder and designer Xantha (Xantha Designs) prides herself on delivering cutting-edge fashion and unique denim apparel. With no particular road map, Xantha takes street fashion and accessorizing to the next level. Her signature line entitled “Ghettoe Bluzs” continues to raise the fashion bar of distinction. All of her stunning, distinctive designs are one of a kind pieces selected for their exquisite workmanship and innovative spin on traditional form.

Born in Columbus, Ohio Xantha Ward has a bachelor’s degree in Business and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration. Although being in the business for over 20 years, Xantha believes there’s always room for achieving more, and she constantly perfects her skills in the field of fashion. Whether taking classes at CCAD or perfecting her skills by practicing repeatedly, she continues to be a master in her field.

Xantha’s runway and theatrical presentations showcase a couture collection which include handcrafted Denim clothing, amazing hats and incredible handbags constructed with luxuriousXantha Designs fur, texture, velvet, feathers and leather in styles that convey an individual flair, yet possess a classic silhouette.

Xantha Designs are unisex, diverse and provide fabulous designs for the entire family.

What are 5 key pieces a woman should always have in her wardrobe?

  • A fabulous scarf
  • An amazing hat
  • A classic white blouse
  • An awesome blazer
  • A diverse mix of earrings

What best describes your style?

Business chic.

What are 5 key pieces you can’t live without?

  • A blazer
  • Dress pants
  • EarringsXantha Designs
  • Sunglasses
  • High heels

What are your main inspirations?

Nature, oceans, skies and colorful butterflies.

(All Photos By Comfort Photography)